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If you have needs such as freight transportation, pickup truck rental or panel van rental, you are at the right place. We meet your freight transportation needs in Istanbul for you. As a freight taxi, we save you from the stress of renting a panel van or renting a pickup truck. With our reasonable prices and our understanding of quality service, we solve your light load transportation needs. All your problems such as finding a driver, renting a pickup truck or a panel van find solutions with us. We save you from many troubles such as time and traffic problems. We leave your cargo, which we receive from your address, to your address. All you have to do is call our call center and inform us of the addresses you want your cargo to be picked up and dropped off at. By the way, you may have noticed that we have saved you the trouble of looking for an address. Freight taxi is a service that emerged in line with today's needs. In today's conditions, nothing can be more valuable than solving a problem in the most appropriate conditions and quickly. Freight taxi does that for you. Maybe you have only 1 box, maybe a load of taxi loads, don't stress, just give us a call.

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